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So let’s talk about social media as part of your marketing plan. How important do you think it is? According to research from Hootsuite social media is now used by 51% of the global population.

There are now more people using social media in the world than not. Wow.

We are also using it regularly with 3.96 billion active users with an increase in active users of 10.5%.

On average we are using 8 platforms with 99% of users accessing platforms through mobile.

So what does this tell us?

  1. We can reach our audiences via social media
  2. Social has to be part of our marketing plan
  3. We need mobile friendly content at all times
  4. We need to choose our channels carefully

F&J’s advice when it comes to platforms is still the same.

Focus on fewer, bigger, better.

Do your research on which platforms best suit your audience. How big is your audience on each platform? Where do they want to engage with you? If you are intrusive in a space where they don’t want to engage with you, this can do more harm than good. I don’t want to hear from my bank on Facebook, I just don’t but I do want to hear from a cool new fashion brand.

Think about which platforms best suit your brand. Where does it feel right for you to communicate with your audience? Where does your content work best? How visual is your content? What are you ultimately trying to achieve?

Review all these aspects and then make a selective choice and deliver exceptional content in those spaces. Your social media strategy will reach and connect with your audience and be far more effective.

Susie Mitchell

Posted by: Susie Mitchell

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