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Do not shout at everyone, focus on your audience.

Photo of busy city street with lots of advertising. Focus on your customers in your marketing.

Marketing tips on how to stand out in a cluttered and crowded market place. It is important to focus clearly on your target audience and really understand them.

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How to Keep on Marketing During the Coronavirus?

Photo of fish jumping out of pint of water.

How to keep on marketing during the coronavirus crisis. Ten simple recommendations for small businesses who may be struggling on how to be relevant and communicate during the crisis.

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Why is “Why” my Favourite Question?

Even when I was young, people said I asked “why?” too much. I always wanted to know what was happening and asked too many questions. I still read the ending of a book early on (my book group stared in amazement at this revelation), but I strongly believe my curious, inquisitive nature has stood me in very good stead as a marketeer – without this characteristic I don’t think I could truly help businesses in the way that I do.

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