Cubhouse. Who’s in? Who wants to be in? Who doesn’t rate it? Who hasn’t got the foggiest what we’re talking about? For anyone using the app please let us know and let’s get connected on there.

Those of you keen to join Florence and James have 7 invites so contact us if you want one. We want to give these to business owners who want to build their business and are ideally creating long-term societal or sustainable change.

For those of you who aren’t sure what Clubhouse is let us explain.

It’s a new voice-only social media app. Think of it like podcasts in real-time on a large scale.

So how does it work? Good question. It’s available on iPhones by invitation only. Someone invites you, you download the app and off you go.

Once using the app there is a wide range of conversations taking place in ‘rooms’ you can choose to enter. All live, no recordings. Clubhouse state that “people come together from around the world to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.”

The rooms have a moderator who brings people to ‘the stage’ to discuss the topic. Some rooms go on for hours. You can drop in as and when you like.

Clubhouse has a user base of multi-millionaires, business icons and celebrities whom you can listen to offering personal advice and stories making it even more desirable to join. It’s a mix of a house party, conference, and podcast all at once.

Our experience so far is you need to find your tribe. Find the people you want to listen to and engage with. Some rooms we’ve groaned and left immediately others we have learned a lot in.

So how can it help your business? The best way to get started is to simply get involved. Start talking in relevant small rooms, build to bigger rooms and then set up and host your own rooms. Bring relevant people in and as always add value. In the words of Vanilla Ice (who we listened to the other week in a room) “stop, collaborate and listen”.

Very interested in feedback on the app so please comment below with your thoughts or email us at

Susie Mitchell

Posted by: Susie Mitchell

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