Photo of a long, winding road towards marketing tactics for small businesses facing second lockdown.

The road ahead may feel long and daunting at present. The second lockdown is underway and the economy is struggling and sluggish. With 20 years of marketing experience (and a few recessions already under our belt), Florence & James are here to help and provide marketing counsel and advice to any business that currently needs it.

Here are five simple and effective marketing tactics and tips you can use now to support your business in the short and long-term. And if you haven’t already, take a look at our top 10 quick tips on keeping on marketing during the coronavirus.

1. Keep talking to your customers

Research during past recessions has proved that the companies that continue to market to their customers throughout a dip are more successful and have stronger sales than those who do not. They will bounce back more quickly and increase their long-term growth.

So, keep talking to your customers and driving demand. Ensure you are top of mind with your customers so they think of you when they need your services and not your competitors. Your marketing communications do not need to be expensive but you do need to be seen.

2. Review your marketing channels

Due to Covid-19, our media habits have changed. People are interacting with businesses and brands in new and different ways. TV ratings have increased and the move to e-commerce and the use of social platforms has grown exponentially.

Spend time researching where your target audience now spends their time. Then amend your marketing plan accordingly. If your audience spends more time on digital platforms (and they probably are) don’t be scared to take the plunge and embrace these new platforms and formats. Use mediums like video lives to share authentic messages with your customers. Be brave and go for it, what have you got to lose?

3. Add value and be positive

In this current time, it’s important to be generous. Trying to bounce back with hard, pushy sales messages isn’t going to work. Your marketing emphasis should focus on helping your customers and adding value to their lives. What benefits are you offering them? Use positive and uplifting messages, even humour, as a way to engage and connect with your customers. Above all, be genuine and show you care.

Research has shown a direct correlation between a customer’s belief that a company has behaved with compassion during Covid-19 and a direct increase in their brand affinity. So not only will you be doing the right thing and it will feel good it will also improve your brand equity and long-term sales too.

4. Know your data and what’s working

Now more than ever it’s important (whilst times are tough and every penny counts) to ensure that everything is performing as it should. Understanding and monitoring all your data points and results will provide critical insights to make key business decisions from product lines to pricing to marketing messages and channels. Knowing your data allows you to adapt, plan, and focus where you need to.

5.Gain some free PR coverage

People want to hear positive stories and support local, and above all, they want to help businesses they genuinely care about during this difficult time.

Journalists are also keen to support local companies and are actively asking for positive new stories to run. This opportunity doesn’t happen very often so take advantage of it and gain some press coverage in relevant titles that your audience read to help raise your awareness and gain some incremental sales.

Susie Mitchell

Posted by: Susie Mitchell

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