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Branded house or house of brands? Which is right for your business?

Brand house or house of brands? Which is right for your business? We discuss the different brand architectures and provide our recommendation on what is best for start-ups and small SME businesses.

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Why is marketing research and consumer insight so important?

Research. Research. Research. It’s so incredibly important that marketing strategies, plans, and campaigns are underpinned by research, data, knowledge, and insight. Research not only into your market, industry, and competitors but your own business performance and target audience.

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Why is everyone raging about Clubhouse? What is it?

Clubhouse what’s it all about? It’s a new voice-only social media app. Think of it like podcasts in real-time on a large scale. It’s available on iPhones by invitation only. Find out more about it and how it can help your marketing and business here.

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Free 2021 marketing plan download.

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A special gift for you. FREE 2021 marketing plan download. Helping new startups, small and SME businesses accelerate their growth through clever marketing in 2021.

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