Research. Research. Research. It’s so incredibly important that marketing strategies, plans, and campaigns are underpinned by research, data, knowledge, and insight.

Research not only into your market, industry, and competitors but your own business performance and target audience.

For the latter, golden nuggets of consumer insight will drive a marketing campaign more than anything. All ideas can springboard off what M&C Saatchi calls a SURT, a ‘simple universally recognisable truth’.

A human truth tells us something unique about our audience allowing us to talk to them in a meaningful and relevant way.

The below Global Web Index article provides a brilliant overview of the importance of research and insight.

It leads with a Thomas Carlyle quote “nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.” with Lorna Keene the author stating “Well, maybe not nothing, but very little”.

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree.

Creating consumer insights: A quick guide to great research

Susie Mitchell

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