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How to maximise the Christmas selling period: 10 marketing tips to increase sales

Wrapped Christmas presents on a table representing marketing tips for boosting Christmas sales.

How to maximise the key Christmas selling period this year particularly with the shift to online shopping. Ten top marketing tips to get you noticed and to increase sales.

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How important is social media in your marketing mix?

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How important is social media as part of your marketing plan? There are now more people using social media in the world than not. With all of us using over 8 platforms on average, so how do you choose which are the best ones to use for your business?

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Consumer insight is the foundation for commercial growth.

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How do you know if you marketing is working? The short answer is to simply ask your customers. In this blog we explain why consumer insight delivers commercial growth and why it is so valuable to small businesses to know directly what their customers think to help shape their business and marketing strategy.

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Small Business Online Support Sessions

Photo showing lightbox reading: Not Today, COVID 19.

Florence & James have launched Support Sessions for local Leicestershire and Northants small businesses who need marketing support during Covid-19 to build back better.

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